"Exclusive fabric rights are getting more and more important."

As the sport- and outdoor industry grows the request for high performance and unique sportswear rises to a new level. Sports, outdoor, athleisure and performance brands develop, market and request innovative, new and high-quality fabrics and garments. One of the big requests in this industry is quite simple but hard to get – fabrics exclusiveness.

Agata - Thygesen Birk A/S

Agata - Thygesen Birk A/S

In the textile industry, it is well known, that getting a fabric design only for own use is quite difficult. But, it is possible to have the advantage of an exclusive design – you just need the right partners.

LTP has worked with Danish fabric manufacturer, Thygesen & Birk Fabrics for many years, and as the sport and lifestyle market grows, the request for exclusive fabrics have grown too.

‘We see a turn in the sports market, that many brands want to be leading in their field – and to be a leading brand, you need to have unique products, and to keep this lead position, you need to secure the uniqueness. That can be done with exclusive rights on own developed fabrics, and this is where we are strong, as we have been a trusted and transparent partner for many years” tells Sales & Marketing manager Agata Maria Berska Bergsang from Thygesen & Birk.

Agata continuous: “We offer our customers exclusive rights on newly developed fabrics so that the brands can secure their design. The key in our work is that we can have an open dialogue with our customers and that they see us as a trustworthy and loyal long-term partner when it comes to fabrics.”

Thomas Moe - Head of Mountain Wear, Ortovox

Thomas Moe - Head of Mountain Wear, Ortovox




One of Thygesen & Birk and LTP’s common long-term customers are Ortovox, who has been using this advantage for many years.

Head of Mountain wear Thomas Moe says “Nobody needs anything anymore. Every closet is full. Ortovox thinks like Porche. We are German engineering - high end. It’s the best or nothing. When it comes to product, we do not compromise, and to be able to create the best possible garments for our target groups, we work with the best garment manufacturers, the best fabric makers, and the best yarn producers. The yarns and fabrics we use in our collection is an important part of our DNA.

By creating our own fabrics, we reinforce our USP (unique selling point), and we stand stronger in the market. Developing exclusive yarns and fabrics takes a lot of time and effort, but it pays off. Through this, we manage to differentiate from our competitors.

I compare it to the cooking of food. When working with the best ingredients, cooking itself becomes more fun and above all easy. It’s all about an honest approach to quality and a desire to create an innovative design that lasts. Exclusive fabrics allow me to express myself better. High quality and innovative design come with a price. People understand this and do not discuss the price. In this way, all partners in the supply chain are winners – which is a win-win situation for everybody





Trusted production partner & Triangle collaboration

Thomas continues, “You can have the best design and innovative fabrics, but you need to have a trusted and innovative production partner, who can put all the details together, and deliver the best quality on time to the market. We have been with LTP for many years, and with LTP you simply get stability, so you can focus on product development & innovation instead of using most of your time on quality and delivery issues.”

"A strategic part of LTP and Thygesen & Birks collaboration is triangle-meetings, which are development meetings between LTP, Thygesen & Birk and a brand. This set-up can secure the brand all the know-how from both a fabric manufacturer and a garment manufacturer, and in this collaboration new and innovative ideas always occur. We get a much deeper understanding of the DNA of the brand, and we can create the best solutions and suggestions to support the brand 100%," says Alex Ingildsen CCO at LTP Group.