love to support innovative brands

“I have been working in LTP as head of Innovation Lab for the last 3 years”, tells Simona Samarokova. "Its fantastic to work together with designers from our brand costumers and create new products together".

LTP has product specialist in both garments and furniture and together with designers and product managers we develop many new products every year.

“I’m coordinating everything around my costumer, but behind me I have a very strong technical team with specialists in sourcing, constructors and technicians. We arrange workshops together with the costumer and designers where we develop all new styles.” 
“We are not just waiting for the designers to tell us what to do. We show our inspiration catalogues, give our input on materials, and how to construct the products in high-quality and ready for mass production. I feel that my costumer appreciates a very pro-active attitude so I try to give as many ideas as possible. For me it’s important that my costumers brand remain powerful and dynamic. We love to support innovative brands.”







Simona Samarokova
Head of Innovation