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We Care for People. Watch the interview with
Nomeda Kaucikiene, director LTP Vietnam.

New Health Insurance Program in Vietnam

In LTP, we use our energy to implement our CSR policies. For us, it is about creating a sustainable production for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment. Recently, we introduced a health insurance programme for employees in Vietnam.

The program ensures that our employees with 24 months seniority from seamstress to manager can get additional insurance for treatment in hospitals and healthcare. Access to this extended hospital treatment improves quality of life.

Several customers have already decided to support the program

“When we heard about this idea, we decided immediately to support this initiative”, tells Sven Senera CEO from Kjus. “It’s very important for us, that we are giving a positive footprint also in the social area.” 

We agree that CSR certificates are needed, but what is really making the world more sustainable is when we together can make real life improvements.

We enjoy to prove that its possible both to be a competitive and a sustainable production partner. We care deeply about our customers, our employees and the environment.